1. To be able to create a user you should be logined as a user with the roles

2. Go to NETKEY "users" tab

3. Click the "Add" button on the top right

4. Fill up the appeared form

    4.1. "Username" any custom user name which would be used as a login

    4.2. "First name" optional field

    4.3. "Last name" optional field

    4.4. "Phone" optional field. This field should be filled in case you want your user to receive an SMS with the user credentials. It's not for a                         landline phone, but for a mobile phone which can receive SMS. The country code should be selected from the dropdown list in the field.

    4.5. "Email" optional field

    4.6. "Autogenerate password" checkbox allows the server to create a random password. This feature works if the user phone number is                         mentioned.  The credentials with the random password would be sent to the user mobile phone. You can also set your own password. 

*NOTE: BEKEY supports the password complexity feature. You can set rules e.g. password length, number of special characters and number of upper case letters. Please, contact BEKEY to apply any rules to your password.

    4.7. User type. Each type has a set of roles which grant functionality to the new user (look the short description beneath the items). You can                     select one or more options. Also, you can customize the set of roles in the "User roles" page (see the user guide)

   4.8. Keychains tab (optional) helps you to grant access to the doors to the user you are creating. Go to that tab and add the needful keychains                 and the user will receive keys right after creation. The only existing keychains could be selected. You can grant access to any keychain                        anytime in  case you didn't do it here.

5. Click the "Create" button